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I'm an artist, art gallery owner, custom framer, printer, writer, husband, father, grandfather, curmudgeon cook, and Spirit-filled, born again, prophetically gifted, Bible believing Christian who loves Jesus and wants to make his life count for Him. I'm too charismatic for evangelicals and too rational for pentecostals. I seek a sane balance that draws what's true from wherever it can be found. I do speak in tongues (early cave man) but don't think it's important. Jesus matters more than His gifts. Despite how it might sound, I'm not too obnoxious.

The Least of These

I am the man born blind and healed by Jesus; I am the prostitute forgiven and saved from stoning; I am the cripple who was made to walk; I was Lazarus raised from the dead. Every healing, every deliverance, all of God’s forgiveness belongs to every believer. All of these things were done to all of us by the Lord.